Mnemosyne (color) Rossetti



Forget About Forgetting

Use It or Lose It

In 1885, Hermann Ebbinghaus extrapolated the hypothesis of the exponential nature of forgetting. This curve shows how information is lost over time when there is no attempt to retain it.

You need working memory to learn, or to hold enough information in your mind to comprehend what you’re learning.

Just as a strong working memory is good for learning, working memory is important for creativity as well. Those who learn to focus and develop their working memory through memorization tasks can free their mind to become more creative.

MnemoPics: Make Anything Flashcard

"MnemoPics" is a simple but powerful note-taking app that does one main thing: to help you remember whatever you learned.

  • Take notes using phone camera.
  • Add or edit annotations.
  • The app will remind you to review the note today, tomorrow, the 5th day, etc.
  • When review, give a self-evaluation using the 5 smiley faces. The app uses these data to reschedule your next review.
  • Starting from the third repetition, the app hides all highlighted contents. Try to retrieve them from your memory. You can reveal contents by tapping the screen.

The app leverages two most powerful, and mostly ignored, learning technologies: spaced repetition and active retrieval. It also takes over a hidden job that bothers every learner: planning.

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