Learning Optimization & Verification Environment

A New Way To Learn

This isn’t the Information Age, it’s the Learning Age; and the quicker people get their heads around that, the better.
Prof Stephen Heppell

Yes it’s the learning age. Everybody agrees that lifelong learning and especially continuous training is becoming increasingly important in a world of constant renovation and change. It’s also the information overloading age; learners are overwhelmed, distracted, and impatient.

Our Learning Task Group approaches this problem from a special angle: individual learning process management. The team is focused on optimizing learner’s behavior based on cognitive research findings and therefore acquires the best learning results for least costs and efforts. To achieve this goal a whole new framework, Learning Optimization & Verification Environment, or “LOVE”, is set up. Our learning experts hand-picked best learning methods or practices and carefully integrated them into the framework.


The app Micro-Learning is the first product of "LOVE". It leverages bite-sized learning and spaced repetition to maximize people’s learning power. The app is supported by a course store full of specially designed micro-learning courses. It puts learners in “autopilot” mode by managing all the details of learning process.

For more information, please check Learning Micro-Learning.

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